Welcome to University Lodge #408 A.F. & A. M.

freemasons_350We welcome Masons visiting or relocating to our area, as well as inquiries from men who wish to learn more about the Craft of Freemasonry.

If you are already a Mason feel free to come to any of our scheduled activities.

For men interested in Freemasonry and how to become part of this great Fraternity we hold a Fellowship Dinner every month.  Here you may meet members of our lodge and find out what drew them into Masonry.

Click here if you would like to learn more about what is Freemasonry.


Monthly Meeting Schedule for University Lodge 408

 pillar_z_t First Monday 6:00 PM — Fellowship Dinner – Open to all men interested in Masonry . Suggested dress suit and tie.
7:30 PM —  Degree Work or practice on degrees.
Second Monday 7:00 – 9:00 PM — Masonic Study
A systematic exploration of the allegories and symbolism of the Masonic degrees;  Open to all Master Masons.
Third Monday 7:00 PM — Stated Communication of University Lodge #408
*** Suggested dress suit and tie
Fourth Monday
7:00 – 9:00 PM — Monday Nite at the Lodge
Discussions exploring the deeper aspects of the precepts and tenets of the Craft. Open to all Master Masons.
Fifth Monday 7:00 PM — Degree Practice
***  when applicable

2016 Officers


Front row (l to r):  Allan Polak, Secretary; Tyler Singleton, JD; London Ivey, Tyler; Steve Sparrow, SS; Charles Smith, JW

Back row:  Brandon Schneider, SD; Kip Campbell, Installing Officer;  Dan Ferguson, WM;  Geary Blackwood, SW;   Jim Lilley, Chaplain