November 21, 2022:
“Acacia Lodge: Past, Present, and Future” led by Christian Taulli

October 17, 2022:
“First and Third Degree Catechisms” returned by David Slezak and Evan Watson

September 19, 2022:
“A Review of GLNC 2022 Amendments to Code” led by Charles Fiore

August 15, 2022:
“Torture: a Masonic View” led by WB Alex Bass

July 18, 2022:
“Welcome from the DDGM and DDGL of District 19” led by WB Larry Holder and John Fluke

June 20, 2022:
“The History of NC Ritual” led by WB Ludwik Wodka.

May 16, 2022:
“The Tyler’s Sword” led by Charles Fiore.

April 18, 2022:
National Poetry Month celebration with featured poet WB Rickie Williams, Jr.

March 22, 2022:
The Second Degree, led by WB Jeff Troccoli, DDGL for District #20.

February 21, 2022:
“Paradise Lust: The Search for the Garden of Eden” by Dr. Brook Wilensky-Lanford.

January 17, 2022:
“Masonic Music in Ritual” by WB Alex Bass.

February 17, 2020:
“The Hidden Meanings of the EA and FC Degrees” by Matt Parker.

January 20, 2020:
“The Plumb” by WM Marcus Orr.

December 16, 2019:
“D.B. Cooper” by Johnny Surles.

November 18, 2019:
“The Baltimore Convention of 1843” by MWGM Dwight “Mack” Sigmon.

October 21, 2019:
“Masonic Ties to UNC-Chapel Hill” by PWGM Speed Hallman.

September 16, 2019:
“Masonic Astronauts in the US Space Program” by Marc Fucso.

July 15, 2019:
“Rebellious and Resolute” by WM Steve Campbell.

May 20, 2019:
“The Shriners.” With special guests DDGM Ronald Bowling and DDGL Jay Watkins.

February 18, 2019:
“Spear-shaker: Masonic References in Shakespeare” by WB Mike Daniels.

January 21, 2019:
“Observing the Approach of Cowans: An Overview of Clandestine and Irregular Masonry” by Marcus Orr.
For slides of Brother Orr’s presentation, click here.